Why Use Raw Materials?


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Why would you even consider adding raw materials to the Proceed system? Here are some answers to help you figure out if this practice is worth your time.

Saving money

Raw materials found at local hardware stores or supply houses, such as pottery supply shops, can save you money. A texture such as the Smooth Transparent Glazing Gel can be modified with equal parts of 90 mesh silica sand to make a transparent rough texture. This silica sand costs approximately $7 for a 25 lb bag. Mixing it with your texture at a 50:50 ratio will cut your costs almost in half.

Innovating in products

According to the PDPA, the highest level of materials making ability is to innovate. By experimenting with raw materials and the Proceed System, innovation becomes a possibility. Take the above example of adding silica sand to a STGG; if you did this and then added a metallic medium you would end up with a rough regular metallic texture. How often do you see that?


By engaging in the practice of mixing raw materials into the Proceed System, you will discover the key performance attributes of materials. This insight will expand the realm of possibilities when looking to create new combinations of finishes for your clients.

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