VOCs of Proceed Textures


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New Lower VOC Content in Proceed Textures

California’s South Coast air quality management district (SCAQMD) has been at the forefront of regulatory efforts to decrease the levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in architectural coatings. New and more stringent regulations are typically implemented there first, and are ultimately adopted by the rest of the state, and later by the remainder of the country. New regulations have just been published that will ultimately have a far-reaching impact on faux finish products. This latest iteration of regulations has expanded faux finishes to five VOC categories from one and will require that all “trowel applied textures” contain less than 50 grams per liter of VOC’s by 2014.

Accordingly, we have reformulated all Proceed textures that are not already below the 50 grams per liter limit to meet these new regulations and began producing in September 2011. We completed evaluations of product scale-up batches and, did not see any difference in performance, application characteristics, or tint strength as a result of these changes.

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