Tinting Extra Rough Glass Bead Texture


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  • Can be tinted with water based products. Tinting with opaque colors, especially house paints, or at a high ratio will reduce some of the reflectance.

See How to Tint the Proceed Products for more information.

Color advice:

  • Apply straight out of the bucket over cooler tones. The Glass Beads themselves have the most "neutral" color Golden could find but due to the nature of light reflectance, the beads have a blue or cool cast.
  • When Extra Rough Glass Bead Texture is applied over red or warmer tones, the result is a frosty appearance on the off angle.
  • We advise to tint the Extra Rough Glass Bead Texture with a touch of the underlying color or a warm color to off-set the cool reflectance.
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