Tinting Clear Acrylic Topcoat


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Clear Acrylic Topcoats may be blended in any ratio to produce a full range of sheen.

Clear Acrylic Topcoats may be added to Proceed glazes to adjust gloss and to speed up the working time and strapdown.

Clear Acrylic Topcoats may be tinted with Proceed Pigment Dispersions, or with Proceed Slow-Drying Fluid Acrylics if a weaker tint is desired. Clear Acrylic Topcoats are also compatible with most universal colorants. Use high transparency pigments to maintain the transparency and clarity of the final finish.

Do not add more than 10% Proceed Pigment Dispersion, Universal Colorant, or Slow-Drying Fluids in combination by volume. Use of more than recommended percentage could cause a change in application characteristics or, in the case of dispersions, water sensitivity and durability of the dried finish.

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