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Business Name

Refined Finishes

636-239-9733 / 314-412-4656


What are your favorite products?

How do you use Proceed products? Why?

Over the years I have had so many request to darken (ie espresso type finishes) or change colors (ie. remove red or gold tones) to previous finished furniture and wood features (fireplace mantles, staircases, etc) I thought there had to be a way to work over the finish that was already there, rather than have it stripped back to bare wood and start over. The idea came from trying to be more cost effective. The testing I did was playing and practicing on cabinet doors and small pieces of furniture etc. This allowed me to get the desired look but the durability was still an issue. Clear-coating over this technique allowed the glaze/stain to be locked down. My 1st actual pieces were also tested (and still being used) in my own home, this way I know how well they hold up.

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