Spraying Sand Textures


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Spraying allows for a consistent, uniform amount of product to be applied rapidly for a quick follow up knock down. In addition to speed in transferring the material to wall surfaces, this is an effective way to uniformly coat 3-dimensional surfaces.

NOTE: Proceed Sand Texture may cause skin irritation, and this can be increased when airborne. BE SURE TO TAKE ALL PRECAUTIONS AND USE PROPER PERSONAL PROTECTION WHEN SPRAYING THIS PRODUCT. A dust and mist respirator, long sleeves, gloves and head covering are recommended.

Hopper Sprayer –

  • Marshalltown SharpShooter® or equivalent.
    1. 2 tip (4/16” / 6 mm orifice); 40 PSI.
  • No reduction required, but may be reduced up to 30% to adjust application properties.

Pump/compressed air sprayers with reservoir –

  • Graco® TexSpray RTX 1500 or equivalent.
  • “Gray” tip; “high” pressure setting.
  • Reduce with water 15% to adjust for proper atomization.

When spraying, wear eye protection and particulate respirator, and prevent others from coming into contact with spray mist.

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