Speeding up the Drying of Long Open Time Products


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There are times when you may need to speed up the drying time of a slow-drying medium.

  • One of the best ways to speed up drying is to increase the flow of air in the space or around the object when possible. "Air flow is King!", we say at Golden. To speed up the drying of waterborne materials, allow the water to evaporate faster by increasing the circulation and flow of air by adding fans, opening windows, etc.
  • This can also be done by adding a faster drying medium to your mix:
    • Adding water actually speeds up drying but can also reduce the strength and integrity of the paint film.
    • Add GOLDEN Matte Medium to the glazes to speed up drying, increase film hardness and lock down. Thin the GOLDEN Matte Medium with some water first in the case the Medium is too thick.

See: Understanding Drying Time of Slow Drying Materials

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