Soft Light-Bodied Texture: Unique Uses & Project Gallery


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Unique Uses

  • Thin with Full-Bodied Glaze and roll on to create a tapestry-like feel.
  • Can be applied directly to sheetrock without primer and with good adhesion.
  • Can be back filled and squished to create a fake marmorino.
  • Can be applied to Canvas on Walls.

Project Gallery

Andre Martinez

This is an example of how Andre Martinez is using Smooth Light-Bodied Texture in his projects. This is what he has to say about it:

"This is a hand painted replication of a William Morris fabric in a home built in 1890. Using a mixture of Proceed Smooth Light Bodied Texture and Proceed Base Paint we created a soft texture. With the aid of a thick bristled wall paper brush and two layers of overlapping brush strokes the weave of the plaster creates a fabric feel to the touch. We then adorned it with the pattern using a stencil we had custom made by Lazer Exell fo rthe under painting followed by the hand painting of all highlights and shadows."

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