Smooth Cracking Texture, Surface and Underlayer Considerations


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Without knowing the history of the wall surface and underlying layers, it is difficult to predict 100% adhesion of the Proceed crackle materials.

100% success situation would be new construction using all Proceed.

If the history of the wall is not known, our best recommendation is to keep the crackle application thin - 25 mil or 58 sq. ft/gallon.

We tested several commercially available primers and base paint sheens to evaluate adhesion.

An important general rule to follow: When applying Rough Cracking and Smooth Cracking Textures: If you go thick, you don’t need size. If you use size, don’t apply thick. See: Crackle: Minimum and Maximum Thicknesses.

10 sq. ft./gallon or 150 mil

19 sq. ft/gallon or 75 mil

58 sq. ft/gallon or 25 mil

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