Rough Sand Texture: Unique Uses & Project Gallery


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Unique Uses

  • Extra Rough Glass Bead Texture (XRGB) is a textural, reflective topcoat made with real glass beads with some recycled content.
  • XRGB is meant to be a single layer, decorative topcoat and is designed to be fast drying.
  • Applying thick layers. multiple thin layers, or mixing in other solid aggregates may result in a frosted appearance unless tinted. Why? Water or air in the acrylic will remain trapped between multiple layers of glass and will not clear up.
  • Extra Rough Glass Bead Texture is not removable.
  • It will be nearly impossible to sand the Extra Rough Glass Bead Texture once it has been applied.

Project Gallery

Lorie Wolff

Featured in this article is the work of decorative artisan Mark Tillman from St. Louis, MO and former IDAL chapter president of the Metro Artisans Guild, Mark Tillman is Crazy about Glass Beads

Lorie Wolff of One Horse Studio, sent us this beautiful shot of bathroom environment she created using a custom Modello and lots of Glass Beads!

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