Rough Sand Texture


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Proceed® Sand Textures are semi-opaque, acrylic texture coatings that are formulated with coarse aggregates of uniform size to impart the look of rough surfaces that exhibit a uniform surface profile, such as cut stone block or traditional stucco plasters.

For the technical overview please view the Technical Data Sheet

This technique was created using Extra Rough Glass Bead Texture. The instructions used to create this technique are found here.


  • Extra Rough Sand Texture (XRST) has a textural, coarse aggregate.
  • Produces a coarse, but relatively non-absorbent surface that may be easily over glazed.
  • Can be used alone or blended to achieve a wide range of surface appearance.
  • Proceed Textures are formulated with 100% acrylic polymers and are compatible with most waterborne products.
  • Requires minimal surface preparation.

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