Relative Thickness


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At Golden, we are often faced with translating our 'lab speak' into everyday terms people can grasp, and that includes how we talk about thicknesses.

We habitually use mil as our measure, which is definitely a known and widely used system, but most people do not know just how thick 10 mil is, or even 250 mil (which of course is the widely understood 1/4"......or, at least widely understood by our American customers.)

Faced with that, here is a list to be used as a thumbnail guide for relative thickness:

1 inch = 1000 mil or 1 mil = 1/1000 of an inch

Commonly Understood Thicknesses

Grocery store plastic bag - 1/2 mil

Human hair - 1-3 mil

Retail store shopping bag - 2 mil.

Standard copy paper - 4 mil

Paper dollar - 4.43 mil

30 lb bond paper - 6 mil

Premium Glossy Photo paper - 10 mil

Standard business card - 15 mil

Standard credit card - 30 mil

Penny - 60 mil

Nickel - 75 mil

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