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All of the Proceed Textures can be used right out of the bucket and onto walls.


Why keep it simple?

A few of the main reasons why you would use these materials in a simple way are easy sales, faster application, easy color selection. All of these will result in a higher profit.


  1. The Rough Irregular Texture is the best example; simply trowel it onto a surface without even tinting it and you can produce a wonderful wall finish. You can tint the material with a selection of colors and make a small folder with these color options and give them to your designers.
  2. Metallic Texture is really hot seller right now and so the same philosophy can apply. Make a small selection of single color samples and get them out to your best designers.


You can use colors in these simple finishes from your local paint store when making your simple finish portfolios. Simply ask your local paint store to place the colorant in a small container and measure the amount you are adding to one of the proceed products. For more about coloring systems go here.

Easy money!

Lets look at some quick math to illustrate the advantages of simple finish systems like this.

  • A single coat wall finish for a 10x10 room including the ceiling will be approximately 420 sq ft of finish. This is just enough for one person to trowel in one day including setup and preparation. if you were to charge $3 per square foot this would total $1260 and you are in and out is one day. For more about the advantages of simple finishes go here.
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