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Welcome to the Proceed-e-pedia! An inside look at all of the details of the Proceed Professional Decorative Painting product line made by Golden Artist Colors.

The line of Proceed Professional Decorative Painting products was made for you. We invite you to explore the website where you will find technical information for each of the products.

The Proceedepedia is maintained by Golden but most of the content is contributed by people using the line and sharing their findings. We invite you to contribute and participate in the expanding knowledge base. We hope to make the Proceedepedia the best on-line resource for decorative painters worldwide.

The reality is that the Golden technical support department does not know everything there is to know about this field therefore we are relying on the contributions of painters worldwide to share their experiences and grow the knowledge base on Proceed, here, on the Proceedepedia. Proceed is “ours”.


Why did Golden make this line?

Decorative painters have been using Golden products on their projects for decades. They asked us to make a line of materials or "tools" that kept the Golden quality, batch to batch product consistency, intermixability and ease of use.

The result of this collaboration is the Proceed Professional Decorative Painting system. Proceed has the qualities sought after by professionals and ease of use for beginners.

Product names:

One aspect of the line was the request for a naming convention that was easy to understand. All of our names are in English and describe what the product does or how the material dries, ex. Full Bodied Painting & Glazing medium means that it has a thicker consistency glaze or Smooth Absorbent texture signifies that when this texture dries it has a smooth and absorbent surface.

The Proceed Benefit:

Remarkable Qualities and Benefit Summarized: • Easy and inexpensive to learn how to use • Easy to tint and reduces unwanted left-over inventories • Product consistency makes the products easy to apply and to control movement, saving application time and reducing labor costs • Product goes further and requires fewer coats to achieve remarkable results than other brands and reduces jobsite material costs • Batch to batch product consistency yields predictable results • Proceed products are designed to be intermixable, reducing the need for a large number of products and providing endless opportunities for creativity • Proceed products are backed by Golden’s commitment to customer service and helping painters get the most out of their products. There are no secrets, Golden will share all of the application information we have with the decorative painting community

Features May 27, 2018

New Proceed crackle is now available.

Did you know...

There is a Video for every Proceed product.

Proceed News

Proceed Is now in Denver at Belcaro paint and decorating

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