Laine Discepoli


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Business Name?

MissElaineous Studio

18 Village Square

Glendale, OH 45246


What are your favorite products?

How do you use Proceed products? Why?

Since decorative painting often requires artists to create and paint for an audience (either a paying client or a paying student) the bonds with our color friends becomes crucial. The more we know about our friends and their habits, the better we can rely on them to come into action when needed to help us look like geniuses. I work almost exclusively with the GOLDEN Proceed line of colors...both pigment dispersions and Slow-Drying Fluids to “tint” all of my paints and glazes. I save time, effort and money by having my entourage of color pals at the ready to create whatever hue or shade I need of any given palette.

Contributions to Proceed-e-pedia

Read a wonderful article on color and utilizing the Proceed range of color written by Laine Discepoli, entertaining and insightful!

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