Kathy Carroll


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Business Name

Faux By Kathy

Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes

504 East St. Charles Rd,

Carol Stream, IL 60188

Toll Free: 800-797-4305

Phone: 630-653-2400

FAX: 630-653-4671

What are your favorite products?

How do you use Proceed products? Why?

“I love the Transparent Cracking Glaze. It is so easy to use and it does things that I have never been able to make other crackles do. Just look at how it cracked the foil. I mean, that is something!

Most of the time I use the Proceed Cracking Size and, depending on how big I want the cracks, I will either use one or two coats of the size. Using the Cracking Size takes away the learning curve but for me not needing to use the size is another wonderful thing about this product. I just can’t get enough.

The artisans that have used this product comment over and over again how predictable it is and how there are no harsh smells involved with either the size or the crackle. They also love the fact that the size does not turn yellow. You have plenty of working time using these products and most importantly you always know what you are going to get with each can – there are no surprises!!!!”

Contributions to Proceed-e-pedia

Click here for an article about using Transparent Cracking Glaze with Bronze and Celadon Foil.

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