Full-Bodied Painting & Glazing Medium


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Full Bodied Painting & Glazing Medium is an un-tinted medium that has a great deal of working time.

  • Use this glaze when you want to retain toolmarks.
  • Thicker consistency holds onto marks.
  • Shake before use as this glaze will separate in the jug, this is a normal characteristic that also allows for toolmark retention.
  • VOCs Content: <700 g/l

This product exceeds VOC limits in some areas. Please verify compliance prior to use.

In 2007, we improved the formula and increased the working time of this glaze. At 30% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, we were able to have 1 hour and 30 minutes of set time. See Understanding Drying Time of Slow Drying Materials.

Original version of Full-Bodied Glaze
Improved version of Full-Bodied Glaze demonstrating more working time with no visible lap lines.

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