Floors and Countertops


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While Proceed products are durable and long lasting the flexible and porous nature of acrylics require that they be sufficiently topcoated if used on a utilitarian surface.

  • Floors and countertops can receive considerable usage and can require vigorous cleanings making a hard and durable coating advisable to protect painted work from weight, marring, scratches, cleaning and other invasive materials or practices.
  • Keep application of acrylic products thin as thicker applications, due to flexibility, could cause a hard topcoat to crack under stress. When choosing a top coat it is best to use a product designed specifically for floors and countertops as it has been formulated to withstand the conditions that are typical for heavy usage. It is also necessary to use a top coat that can be applied over acrylic paint and has a decreased rate of yellowing; there are many aliphatic polyurethane coatings that will fulfill these requirements.
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