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Here is a finish that is smooth warm, rich, and complex in its visual texture. It resembles a mottled off white marble and is simple to apply.



  • Step 1: Troweled up thin in mid-value yellow Smooth Translucent Texture
  • Step 2: Let dry
  • Step 3: Second layer of smooth translucent texture with cream to green pastel is troweled on in patchy fashion leaving some hard and organic geometry. Also, looking to have 40% of the background texture show through this second layer.
  • Step 4: Over the top of this is placed Smooth Transparent Glazing Texture, troweled on thin and tinted with copper metallic color achieving almost a resinous lustre. There is almost a visual texture but in reality , overall it is smooth.

Materials used

Tools used

  • Finishing Trowel

Technique tips

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