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Some decorative painting products factory tint their materials and sell you pre-made colors for you to choose from. Proceed materials come with no color in them at all. The advantage of this is that you then have the control over your color and can achieve the widest range for your business.

Working with paint store color systems

Individual customers or design clients are used to using paint store color decks to choose color for your project. You too can integrate a system like this into your business. Here are some easy steps for you to follow to make it easier for your customers to buy your wall treatments.

  1. Make a set of simple finishes That are in line with the trends and that you can make good money selling.
  2. Go to your local paint store and select the colors that you wish to use in your treatments and ask the paint store to sell you the colorant used for those colors.
  3. tint your materials that you intent to use in your samples and label them to match the color names of the paint store colors.
  4. Give some small samples to your local paint store and ask them to promote your work.

This is a simple way to make finishes that correspond to local paint colors that are easy for your customers to select. You can use the same fan deck that the paint stores use for your business.

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