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Business Name

Ultimate Artworks by David Lusk

Email: davidlusk2003@yahoo.com

Ultimate Artworks/ David Lusk

P.O Box 111213

Houston Texas 77293

Telephone: 713.826.8023

What are your favorite products?

How do you use Proceed products? Why?

David Lusk, owner of Ultimate Artworks based in Houston, TX provided the finish featured here using Smooth Cracking Texture.

“In my opinion, the Rough Cracking Texture gives a finish that has a stone look and feel. This material can be applied over just about any surface. Troweling the texture on tightly, then glazing over the surface achieves an Olde World finish. This product is definitely one of my favorites. When mixing together the Rough and Smooth Cracking Textures, you get a tough, fluffy and crumbling crackled effect.”

Contributions to Proceed-e-pedia

David Lusk shared this technique with us using Smooth Cracking Texture

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