Crumbly Weathered Bronze Crackle Rough Cracking Texture


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Proceed Low Absorbency Base Paint (LABP) Pastel Base tinted to a very light gray, Cracking Size (CS), Rough Cracking Texture (RCT), Golden Fluid Acrylic Iridescent Bronze Fine.


Roller and pan for base paint, 1/2 " nap roller for cracking texture, roller for size, Trowel, Chip brush, rags, container of water, pan for mixing water and paint.

Step 1: Base paint the surface using 2 coats of LABP tinted a very light gray.

Step 2: Roll 1 coat of CS, allow it to get tacky about 1-2 hours.

Step 3: Load roller with RCT and roll a moderately thick coat over the size. Vary application thickness as you roll. Wait about an hour then lightly knock down vertically with a trowel. Allow to dry thoroughly or overnight.

Step 4: Pour a small amount of Iridescent Bronze into a pan, then brush some on the surface, now dip the brush in water then into the Iridescent Bronze and apply it blending into the surface. The added water will cause the bronze to create a "Patina". Vary your application so the surface has some deep bronze and the variation of the patina. The more water you add the lighter the bronze will appear, too much water will result in a very pastel green.

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