Controlling the Drying Time of Proceed® Low Viscosity and Full-Bodied Painting & Glazing Mediums


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*[[Speeding up the Drying of Long Open Time Products]]
*[[Speeding up the Drying of Long Open Time Products]]
*[[Open Time]]
*[[Open Time]]
*[[Controlling Absorbency]]

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The Proceed® Low Viscosity and Full-Bodied Painting & Glazing Mediums are designed to provide an incredibly long working time in a water-based acrylic system. However, there are times when this level of working time isn’t needed or frankly, quite undesirable.

Many professional decorative artists have turned to incorporating GOLDEN Matte Medium into the tool box as a way to adjust the working time of the Proceed Glazing Mediums. We wanted to provide some guidance as to the ratios required in order to achieve a wide range of drying times. Please note the test parameters, as any variance can alter the drying time you experience on the job.

Testing (refer to charts) was conducted under the following parameters:

Average temperature was 70F; Humidity averaged around 65%. Drywall panels were prepared with 2 coats of Proceed Base Coat, onto which we applied 3 mil (about the thickness of copy paper) thick drawdowns. No methods of forced drying were used, such as increasing temperature or air movement. NOTE: The room where this testing was conducted has very little air movement.

The paint films were then tested for the following times:

  • Workable – The entire glaze layer is easily manipulated
  • Dry Edge – The time it took for the edge of the paint film to become unworkable
  • Touch Dry – The entire film is dry and doesn’t move from rubbing. For many applications this level would allow gentle recoating without lifting.
  • Water/Ammonia Resistance (a.k.a. strap down time) – The film can withstand rubbing with water/household ammonia. This is sufficient drying for heavier recoating or topcoating.


By blending the GOLDEN Matte Medium with Proceed Glazing Mediums, one can expect a working range between 10 minutes to 24 hours. Heavy applications of mixtures with a large percentage of Proceed can result in waiting days for the films to become touch dry, and even longer before they are fully strapped down.

Blending with, or simply using GOLDEN Matte Medium alone has proven to be a reliable method for adjusting the drying time of the Proceed Glazing Mediums.

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