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Proceed® Smooth Transparent Glazing Gel (STGG) is an acrylic glazing medium that is used to build layers of transparent or translucent color in faux and decorative finishes. STGG is a versatile medium that creates the look of traditional waxed finishes and produces smooth, hard and transparent layers of color for formal and contemporary looks.

Please view the following link for the Smooth Transparent Glazing Gel Application Guide


  • We call this product Smooth Transparent Glazing Gel because it dries to a smooth and transparent surface.
  • Can be tinted, thinned, sprayed or rolled (with proper thinning).
  • Can be thinned with glaze or water.
  • An acrylic "wax" topcoat.
  • Works as a non-functional topcoat, can be tinted with Metallic Mediums or GOLDEN Interference and Iridescent colors to create metallic acrylic wax looks. Use as a “Venetian plaster topcoat” over Smooth Translucent Texture.
  • Has a blue cast to the color by itself.
  • Works as a sealer coat.
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