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Proceed® Smooth Cracking Texture is a single-step, trowelable smooth texture that generates a geometric "mud crack" crackle pattern and creates the look of aged, weathered plaster.

Please review the following link for the Smooth Cracking Texture Technical Data Sheet

Click here for information about the use of Cracking Size with the Proceed Cracking Textures.

Click here for an article about a technique designed by Lottie Banner using Smooth Cracking Texture.

Click here for an article about a technique designed by David Lusk using Smooth Cracking Texture.

This is a technique that uses Smooth Cracking Texture. The instructions used to create this technique are found here.


  • We call this product Smooth Cracking Texture because it cracks as it dries, contains a smooth aggregate, and can be troweled on to create textural effects.
  • Smooth Cracking Texture has been compared to a "Venetian plaster" that has cracked.
  • It has a matte, absorbent surface quality.
  • Dries to an opaque, translucent white. May be tinted or have a glaze or paint applied on top.


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