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Proceed® Smooth Absorbent Texture is an opaque, acrylic mastic texture coating that requires minimal surface preparation to correct minor surface blemishes and drywall seams. It dries to a porous and absorbent surface that takes up decorative stains and glazes easily. Smooth Absorbent Texture is an ideal ground for creating fresco-like murals, the look of European plaster surfaces and can convey rustic and refined, old world and contemporary looks rich in texture. Please view either link for the Smooth Absorbent Application Guide.

This is a technique that uses Smooth Absorbent Texture. The instructions used to create this technique are found here.


  • We call this product Smooth Absorbent Texture because it dries to a smooth and absorbent surface and can be troweled on to create textural effects.
  • Can be tinted, troweled, sanded, thinned and sprayed or rolled.
  • Has a "nap" to it: as Smooth Absorbent Texture is troweled, the material will follow the direction of the toolmark.
  • Surface quality description: softer, dry, matte, chalky.
  • Great as a mural ground.
  • Translucent
  • Can be applied over the top of surfaces to lighten colors and create a chalky, matte quality.
  • Proceed textures are formulated to contain less than 50 g/l of VOC’s and, as such, meet the criteria for LEED Credit 4.2 (Low Emitting Materials – Paints and Coatings).

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