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Proceed® Rough Regular Texture is a translucent acrylic mastic texture coating that requires minimal surface preparation to correct minor surface blemishes and drywall seams. It is formulated with a regular, coarse aggregate to impart the look of cut stone surfaces and stucco finishes as well as sand wash looks.

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This is a technique that uses Rough Regular Texture. The instructions used to create this technique are found here.


  • We call this product Rough Regular Texture because it contains a single, rough and regular shaped aggregates and can be troweled on to create textural effects.
  • Can be tinted, troweled, thinned and rolled.
  • This material, when dry, will leave "metal marks" if troweled over with a metal trowel or blade. Keep this in mind when designing finishes and choosing colors.
  • Contains quartz silica. As a powder, inhalation of silica is chronically carcinogenic. In the form of this product, Rough Regular Texture, the material is completely bound and there is no exposure. Use proper precautions when sanding.
  • Proceed textures are formulated to contain less than 50 g/l of VOC’s and, as such, meet the criteria for LEED Credit 4.2 (Low Emitting Materials – Paints and Coatings).

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