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Proceed® Rough Irregular Texture is an opaque, acrylic mastic texture coating that requires minimal surface preparation to correct minor surface blemishes and drywall seams. It is formulated with an irregular, crushable aggregate to impart the look of a weathered stucco surface and creates old, chalky European surfaces with a crusty, natural texture of weathered stone or plaster. For a technical overview, please refer to: Technical Data Sheet

This is a technique that uses Rough Irregular Texture. The instructions used to create this technique are found here.


  • We call this product Rough Irregular Texture because it contains several different rough and irregularly shaped aggregates and can be troweled on to create textural effects.
  • Can be tinted, troweled, sanded, thinned and sprayed or rolled. Thin and spray w/ 30% water.
  • Contains a crushable aggregate that tints the white body of the texture. We have improved Rough Irregular Texture since its initial launch and are now able to produce a whiter body that allows for a greater range of tintability. There is no Titanium White pigment added thus making it possible to tint deep colors.
  • Proceed textures are formulated to contain less than 50 g/l of VOC’s and, as such, meet the criteria for LEED Credit 4.2 (Low Emitting Materials – Paints and Coatings).

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