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Proceed® Rough Cracking Texture is a single-step, trowelable rough texture that generates an organic, irregular cracking pattern. Please review the following link for the Technical Data Sheet



1 coat of Rough Cracking Texture over a blue base color
1 coat of Rough Irregular Texture


  • Recommended only for rigid substrates. Apply to a clean and dry substrate. Dries to a hard, absorbent surface. Optimum application conditions are 70°F and 50% relative humidity. Full hardness is developed in 2 - 4 weeks. Clean tools with soap and water. Store between 50° and 80°F.

Tips and tricks

*How do I tint Rough Cracking Texture? Tint with Proceed Pigment Dispersions. Do not add more than 10% dispersion. Always test tint ratio before use. Use of more than recommended percentage could alter application consistency and cracking pattern.

What to Avoid

A topcoat should be considered if using this material in a kitchen or bathroom.

  • If applying the Rough Cracking Texture in thicknesses in excess of 75 mils (19 sq ft/gal coverage), do not use Cracking Size underneath it.
  • Do not thin or force dry.
  • CAUTION: Application over extremely absorbent surfaces will mute the cracking pattern and/or result in adhesion failure. See: Rough Cracking Texture, Surface and Underlayer Considerations
  • Always perform test applications when using Cracking Size over other brands of paint as loss of adhesion may result. Do not apply over semi-gloss or gloss sheens.
  • Don't allow your product to freeze.

RCT Coverage

Apply at a coverage rate of 58 sq. ft/gallon (wet film of 25 mils) or less. Thin applications will generate a fine cracking pattern with fine fissures and small islands. As thickness increases, the cracking pattern becomes more pronounced with larger fissures and islands. For more pronounced cracking patterns, prep surface by priming with Proceed Low Absorbency Base Coat and apply one or more coats of Cracking Size.


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