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The most versatile of all of the Proceed Textures, it takes feeling it to understand how different this "metallic plaster" is from all the rest on the market.

Please view the following link: Metallic Texture Product Application Guide



  • Easy and fast to apply. Proceed Metallic Texture has been compared to a speed boat vs. the "barge-like" quality of other metallic plasters.
  • Easy to tint.
  • No Titanium White pigment is added to the Pearl Base. This means that deep, rich colors can be achieved when tinting.
  • Gold Base - Proceed® Gold Metallic Texture is intended as a tinting base for metallic textures when a warm undertone and reflection is desired.
  • Pearl Base - Proceed® Pearl Metallic Texture is a translucent acrylic metallic plaster tinting base, use for cooler tones with a pearl or silver flash.
    Tinted Metallic Texture: Pearl Base

How do I apply Metallic Texture?

How do I tint Metallic Texture?

  • Because the mica selected has a bright reflection, incorporating Titanium White dispersion in the color formula may be necessary when tinting more subdued warm colors with the Gold Base.
  • As you mix, you can mix by hand, it's pretty easy but you do have to be thorough. If you use a mixer, mix it slowly as you'll introduce air into the texture and it will "fluff" up - doesn't change the application properties but it does fill up and overflow from your mixing bucket!


Coverage will vary depending on your application technique. See Coverage Calculation to determine how you can plan what you'll need on a job site.

Flame Spread Rating

Golden Artist Colors, Inc. has not performed testing to assign a rate of flame spread for Golden water-based acrylic paints and mediums. However, given their formulation, our water-based products would be expected to perform similarly to typical latex house paints in regard to their ability to support combustion.

What to Avoid

Don't allow your product to freeze.

Applicator's Experiences & Project Gallery

One step finishes are winners….images.

Unique Uses

  • Can be applied direct to sheetrock without primer and with good adhesion.
  • Can be diluted with 20% water and sprayed then knocked down.
  • Can be applied to Canvas on Walls.
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