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[[Category:All Products]]

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Proceed® Matting Additive is a concentrated dispersion of flatting agents in an acrylic base, a unique additive that creates matte finishes with high transparency.

Click here to review the Pigment Dispersion Technical Data Sheet

Click here for an article about improvements made to Matting Additive in May of 2011.


  • Dispersion of matting solids designed to matte down other paint products such as Glazes, Smooth Transparent Glazing Texture, Slow Drying Fluid Acrylics or Transparent Cracking Glaze
  • You can always matte down a glaze or pigment but never increase the gloss or "make it shinier".
  • The Matting Additive container lid is a twist top, the same as the Pigment Dispersions. These two products must be added to another product because they do not contain binders and will not adhere on their own.
  • Fastest way to lower sheen.
  • A general video is coming soon:
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