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Proceed Low Absorbency Base Coat is a priming and sealing acrylic architectural coating used to maximize the working time of glazes and other decorative finishing products. Designed to function as a primer and a low absorbency base paint all in one, Proceed Low Absorbency Base Coat comes in two tint bases: a Pastel and a Deep tone for achieving dark colors. It dries to an eggshell sheen.

  • Note: It is not required to use this product under Proceed products, other brands may be experimented with. However, we strongly recommend testing the chosen finish over the selected base paint on the material that will receive the finish. Example, if you are painting a wall constructed with sheetrock, apply all of the materials that will be used on a piece of sheetrock to determine whether or not everything is compatible.

  • Golden does strongly recommend using the Proceed Low Absorbency Base Paint as the primer and base paint with the Proceed Crackle system.

Click here for an article by Lynne Miller about using Low Absorbency Base Coat in her murals.

Click here for an article about spraying Low Absorbency Base Coat.

Pastel & Deep Tone base

This medium comes in two bases, Low Absorbency Pastel Base Coat and Low Absorbency Deep Tone Base Coat.

The pastel base has more titanium dioxide and is best for light, pastel colors, (can be equated to a Benjamin Moore/BM #1 base).

The deep tint base is used for darker, richer colors even black (can be equated to a BM base 4).

If you need a BM base 2 or a BM base 3 simply mix the two proportionately.

Using Low Absorbency Base Coat to increase working time of other products

The Low Absorbency Base Paint does not need to be used underneath other Proceed products such as Full-Bodied Painting & Glazing Medium or Metallic Mediums. However, if the maximum working time is desired, this base paint will increase the working time of Proceed and other major decorative brand products.

Using an oil primer beneath the Low Absorbency Base Coat will create the MOST working time.


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