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*[| Click here to watch a video on Pierre Finkelstein's Tote'em Bags]
*[| Click here to watch a video on Pierre Finkelstein's Tote'em Bags]

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Proceed® Full-Bodied Painting & Glazing Medium and Low Viscosity Painting & Glazing Medium are designed for easy blending and exceptionally long working time. You can use them for traditional and contemporary glazing techniques. You can also use either glaze to thin out thicker products or increase workability, rollability and open time. Both Glazes have a thixotropic characteristic meaning they thicken at rest. This means you'll see separation in the container if the product has been sitting for an extended amount of time. This is normal. Simply shake and the two "phases" will mix back into themselves.

These glazes have a lot of open time, adjusting the sheen and absorbency of the paint beneath it will increase your control within different environmental conditions. For example, working in humid South Carolina in July may cause you to basepaint with a Satin or Eggshell sheen instead of the Semi-Gloss that was used the previous winter to have the same open time.

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