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Proceed® Cracking Textures are reliable, single-step products that create a range of cracking patterns and surface textures. They are trowelable, do not require a size, and may be applied directly over surfaces base-painted with an eggshell to semi-gloss sheen. However, an optional Cracking Size is available that further enhances the cracking effect.

Proceed® Cracking Textures are intermixable and compatible with most waterborne products. Always make test mixes and sample boards to ensure compatibility, level of cracking and adhesion performance.

General Information - Read this First

  • Do not Force Dry. While it will still crack, it won't create a really beautiful crackle pattern.
  • For best adhesion, use Proceed Low Absorbency Base Paint under the Proceed Crackle products.

• A solid surface that is strong enough to handle the force of the drying crackle is required before applying any of the Proceed Crackle products. See Crackle Surface Preparation and Protection

• ALWAYS make a control sample to check for unexpected interactions between size, cracking textures, and products made by other manufacturers. We recommend using thin (1/4”) sheetrock for control samples as it best duplicates the surface conditions encountered on the job.


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