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Proceed® Cracking Textures are reliable, single-step, trowelable textures that produce a range of cracking patterns and surface textures. These materials do not require a size, and may be applied directly over surfaces base painted with an eggshell to semi-gloss sheen. However, an optional size is available that further enhances the cracking effect. Proceed® Cracking Textures are intermixable and are compatible with most waterborne products. Test mixes and sample boards should always be employed to ensure compatibility, level of cracking and adhesion performance.

Find all of the information we currently have on the technical aspects of this application and uses of pertinent products here:

General Information - Read this First

  • Do not Force Dry - it will crack but it won't create a really beautiful crackle.
  • For best adhesion, use Proceed Low Absorbency Base Paint under the Proceed Crackle products.
  • A solid surface, meaning a surface that is strong enough to handle the force of the drying crackle, is required before considering to apply any of the Proceed Crackle products. See [[


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