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Proceed Cracking Size is a clear cracking size that may be used to augment the cracking effects of Proceed Smooth and Rough Cracking Textures and Transparent Cracking Glaze.

“Size” is a term given to certain materials used by painters and artists to prepare surfaces, especially papers and textiles, for specific techniques. In gilding, for example, the traditional size is a rabbit skin glue preparation that serves to smooth out minute surface imperfections and act as an adhesive for metallic leaf.

While Proceed Cracking Size may be used beneath Proceed Crackle products, however, it is not necessary.

Please review the following link for the technical data sheet



  • Cracking Size does not crack or make the products crack. Rather, by sealing the underlying paint, it allows greater movement and enhances the cracking effect of the Proceed Crackle applied on top.
  • Cracking Size is not water resoluble and works well in humid environments.
  • Levels like oil or enamel and dries to the touch and is ready to overcoat with additional Size or Crackle products in approximately one hour.
  • When the surface is tacky and not slippery “wet,” the Cracking Size is ready.
  • The Cracking Size will retain a level of tack indefinitely if left uncoated. However, if rolled on thin or over an absorbent base coat, it may seem less tacky. In this case, another application may be required.
  • To cover or "get rid of" an application of Cracking Size, simply roll with Base Paint.


  • Apply to a clean and dry substrate. For best adhesion, apply over Proceed Low Absorbency Base Coat. Apply using a brush or roller, and wait 1-4 hours before applying cracking products. Additional coats of size will further augment the cracking effect. CAUTION: Always perform test applications when using Cracking Size over other brands of paint as loss of adhesion may result. Do not use over semi-gloss or gloss sheens. Optimum application conditions are 70°F and 50% relative humidity. Store between 50° - 80°F.
  • Roll on Cracking Size using a roller sleeve or apply with a brush. Successive coats and thicker applications will increase effectiveness to a certain thickness, see Crackle: Minimum and Maximum Thicknesses.

Tips and tricks

  • Crackle Size can also be used as a gilding size for leaf and foil. Test for your application.

What to Avoid

  • Do not use Cracking Size under excessively thick applications of Crackle Products. Excessive thickness is over 150 ml of Smooth Cracking and Rough Cracking Textures, see Crackle: Minimum and Maximum Thicknesses.
  • Do not use over Semi-Gloss and Gloss sheens of base paint.
  • Don't allow your product to freeze.

CS Coverage

Covers 400 sq ft/gallon depending on your application.

A thin application has a 510 sq. ft./gal coverage rate.

A thick application has a 325 sq. ft./gal coverage rate.

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