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Proceed® Clear Acrylic Topcoats (Gloss & Matte) are clearcoats formulated with exterior-grade polymers and are compatible with most waterborne products. They may also be blended with Proceed Painting & Glazing Mediums to adjust gloss, working time and strap down.

For the technical overview please view the Technical Data Sheet


  • Single component, acrylic waterborne formulation
  • Excellent, water-white clarity
  • Excellent flow and leveling
  • Complies with VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulations in all North American jurisdictions
  • Mixing

Using clean, uncontaminated mixing tools, stir or mix material to assure uniformity and that colorants are uniformly dispersed. Clear Acrylic Topcoats may be mixed using a paint shaker or orbital mixer. Take care not to allow dirt, debris, or other materials to contaminate the product.

  • Thinning

Clear Acrylic Topcoats do not require thinning for roller or brush application, but may be reduced in viscosity to preference with water. Clear Acrylic Topcoats may be reduced with water or GOLDEN Airbrush Medium 2:1 for use in an HVLP sprayer.

  • Compatible with most waterborne acrylic architectural coatings. DO NOT USE with solvent based materials.

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