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Our Basic "How to"

1.Physical sanding required of all surfaces and a light wash and dry to remove any loose particles.

2.Use Low Absorbency base coat paint.

3.Apply glaze and our staining and sealing mixtures.

4.Top Coat instructions: Listed below are the easiest to find and apply (1) to most durable but needs experience and comfort level (4): 1. Water based topcoat = Ben Moore "stays clear" 2. Brushable oil polyurethane 3. Two-part waterbased top coat for flooring, the product called "Bona". 4. Lacquer or conversion varnish, this is the best product category but a painter may want someone who has experience spraying to apply.

What to Avoid

Physically sanding the surface is always better than relying on a "liquid sanding sealer".

Applicator's Experiences

Note to Proceed Team - this is to be uploaded by Lori/lab team: Tim Glastette's and Scott Porter's stories.

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