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[[category:Low Absorbency Base Coat]]
[[category:Low Absorbency Base Coat]]
[[category:Glazes & Mediums]]
[[Category:Paints, Glazes & Mediums]]
[[category:Spraying Notes]]
[[category:Spraying Notes]]

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Our Basic "How to"

1.Physical sanding required of all surfaces and a light wash and dry to remove any loose particles.

2.Use Low Absorbency base coat paint.

3.Apply glaze and our staining and sealing mixtures.

4.Top Coat instructions:

Listed below are the easiest (1) to find and apply to most durable (4) but needs experience and comfort level:

  • 1-Water-based topcoat = Ben Moore "stays clear"
  • 2-Brushable oil polyurethane
  • 3-Two-part water-based topcoat for flooring, the product called "Bona".
  • 4-Lacquer or conversion varnish, this is the best product category but a painter may want someone who has experience spraying to apply.

What to Avoid

Physically sanding the surface is always better than relying on a "liquid sanding sealer".

Applicator's Experiences

Scott Porter

"We use the Proceed Low Absorbency Base Coat when base coating cabinetry and furniture. We also mix some of the Proceed plasters with it to come up with a thicker or crustier background. We use a Graco 395 or 495 airless sprayer with a #308 (fine finish) tip. This may seem like a small tip but I feel you can get a finer finish and it will lay down like glass. I haven't had any luck spraying Low Absorbency Base Coat with HVLP. It doesn't like the introduction of the "air". However I have never seen any paint lay down so smooth like this with the airless. We have been finishing cabinets for 15 years. As trends change we continually work on coming up with new ideas. It has great bond and it doesn't sag very easily. When you spray, it gives more confidence in spraying very technical sections of cabinets or woodwork. I also like the freedom to make whatever color I need. I will mix half deep tone and half pastel for a medium base. I like to put a coat of Bulls Eye Water Base primer on before I spray Low Absorbency Base Coat. It dries flat and allows the base coat to dry relatively fast. Together they bond extremely well. The #308 airless tip is the ticket."

Click here for Scott Porter's article about spraying Low Absorbency Base Coat.

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