Applying Clear Acrylic Topcoat


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Stir well before using.

Proceed Clear Acrylic Topcoats are formulated to maximize flow and leveling. Apply in a smooth thin layer to avoid drips, runs, and puddling in recessed areas of textured surfaces.

Let dry 12 - 24 hours before over coating with other Proceed products.

Brush Application Clear Acrylic Topcoats may be brush applied as the finish design requires. Use a high quality synthetic bristle brush and “tip” the wet application to ensure even coverage and leveling.

Roller Application If applying to a smooth surface, apply with a foam roller in a thin even coat . If applying to a textured surface, a heavier nap (3/8 inch) roller may be used to speed the transfer of material, but spread the Acrylic Topcoats evenly in a thin layer to avoid runs and dripping. If the Matte finish is applied too thickly it may haze due to the nature of the matting solids. For optimum results, strike off the wet application with a dry foam roller to remove excess material and smooth the texture.

Spray Application

For HVLP (High Pressure Low Volume) spray application:

  • Use manufacturer’s recommended needle and air cap for latex paints, typically 40 psi with a 1.4

–1.8mm tip

  • No reduction is necessary, but Clear Acrylic Topcoats may be reduced with water or Golden Airbrush Medium, if desired.

When spraying, wear eye protection and particulate respirator, and prevent others from coming into contact with spray mist. Proceed Low Absorbency Base Coat is recommended for Finish Design Specifications that require a tinted base coat as the first step.

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