Adding Lime to Textures


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Type S lime can be found at your local hardware store and is usually inexpensive. If you read the directions on the bag, it will tell you how much water to add in order to make it into a putty. Taking this putty and adding it to the Proceed Textures is a great way to get to know the materials and discover new formulas that work for your business. Below is a worksheet that will help you experiment in the process of adding lime to the Proceed Textures.

Lime to Acrylic Worksheet

Suggestion for experimenting

Print off the worksheet below onto a card stock and take it into your painting studio. You can choose a ratio such as 50:50 to start with, mixing small quantities into containers. Then you can use a small spatula to apply a swatch of each mixture onto the worksheet and let them dry and see what happens to each. After you do this in a few ratios you will find many different effects that are good and some failures too. This is the world of discovery and if you are looking to innovate in textures and to understand materials, this is one way to get started, have fun, and discover new things in the process.

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