Adding Chalk


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Chalk is an inert form of Calcium Carbonate. It is simply Calcium ground into dust form; other names for it are Whiting and Marble dust. You can add this to any of the Proceed materials and it will have some consistent effects.

As Matting agent

One misconception of Marble dust is that when added to textures it makes the the materials polish or get shiny. Powdered chalk is a dust and when added to materials it actually breaks up the surface and makes the final dried texture earthy and matte. Chalk comes in handy when you are using it for this purpose.

As Thickener

Whenever you are adding dry powder like chalk to a material (While wearing a dust mask) you will notice that you are absorbing all of the water and other solvents. The result of adding chalk to most materials is that it becomes thicker. Chalk is a great thickening agent and allows you to control the viscosity of your materials.

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