Transparent Cracking Glaze: Unique Uses & Project Gallery


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Unique Uses

  • It is a viscous, smooth, transparent liquid that creates a glossy surface with an aged porcelain crackle pattern.
  • Creates a craqueleure or porcelain look.

Project Gallery

Click here for an article from Kathy Carroll about using Transparent Cracking Glaze with Bronze and Celadon Foil.

Click here for an article discussing the use of gold leaf on Transparent Cracking Glaze.

Lottie Banner and Micki Coles

Lottie Banner of Eeek Design in Charlotte, NC and Naples,FL
Micki Coles of Great Walls Supply in Charlotte, NC

Lottie Banner and Micki Coles shared this technique with us called Fall Frost How to warm up your wallets with Transparent Cracking Glaze

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