Spraying a Wall


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Figure 8: Large walls are broken down into smaller sections, with additional overlap on the ends of each section.

Once you can master a 3’x3’ panel, it’s time to take on a larger area. Break up a wall into 3 foot sections {Figure 8}. If you need to, put some tape on the floor to guide you.

The first 3 feet is the same as before (see figure 9 for how to start at a corner) but this time you will have an additional overlap between your 3 foot sections. Address this just like the rows you overlap, and assure there’s no light spots.

Note: Don’t attempt this until you are getting consistent results with the smaller panel, because the timing of the overlap is crucial for a uniform coating.

Figure 9: Start in the corners, at the edge, top to bottom, to mimic overlap, then spray outward in singular rows.

Speaking of corners, you probably want to invest in a “spray mask” if you plan on doing a lot of rooms. They look like an aluminum squeegee on steroids with an adjustable long wooden handle. They are great for laying up against an adjacent wall and the ceiling where you don’t want to have too much overspray.

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