Spraying a Panel


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Assuming you’ve got a good handle on angle and distance, you are now ready to test your skills by covering a large area.

The best way to describe spraying is to think about mowing a lawn. To assure all the grass is cut, one slightly overlaps the last row. The same is true when spraying. If you don’t overlap from one pass to the next, the coating won’t be uniform. Product will be lighter in some areas and clear coats will have an uneven sheen. This is sometimes called “banding” and is the tell tale sign that someone has sprayed and not done a good job of it either. The amount one overlaps between rows can vary, but start around 50% - halfway into the previous row – and continue overlapping to the end of the surface.

Figure 7: Left to Right, and return right to left, overlapping previous row to assure a uniform coat.

Find your Rhythm

Moving on to an example of an actual surface to cover, we can get deeper into technique. {Figure 7}

Key Processes for spraying a panel:

1. Line spray gun up with surface.

2. Position spray gun next to upper left of panel (not on panel).

3. Pull trigger back for air flow, then product flow (some guns are both at once).

4. Make first pass left to right, covering top edge at 1 ft/sec.

5. Spray past right side.

6. Return right to left with 50% overlap.

7. Continue process until panel is covered.

It seems very complex and it is to a point, but the process melds quickly with experience. Practice this overlap technique until you can achieve a solid, uniform looking coating over a 3’x3’ panel. This application process is the same for most paints, glazes and topcoats and is a vital part to spraying success.

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