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Unique Uses

  • Think of STGG as an acrylic "wax", but it does not contain any wax.
  • We call this product Smooth Transparent Glazing Gel because it dries to a smooth and transparent surface.
  • Can be tinted, thinned, sprayed or rolled (with proper thinning).
  • Can be thinned with glaze or water.
  • An acrylic "wax" topcoat.
  • Works as a non-functional topcoat, can be tinted with Metallic Mediums or GOLDEN Interference and Iridescent colors to create metallic acrylic wax looks.
  • Use as a “Venetian plaster topcoat” over Smooth Translucent Texture.
  • Has a blue cast to the color by itself.
  • Works as a sealer coat.

Watch This Video: Please click this link to view the Stain and Finish One Step Video

Staining and Sealing Mixtures

  • 30% Smooth Transparent Glazing Gel

Project Gallery

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