Slow Drying Fluid Acrylics: Unique Uses & Project Gallery


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Unique Uses

  • Stenciling: The viscosity and extra open time of the paints lend themselves to be used for stenciling. When stenciling on fabric, be sure to use a light touch and allow the fabric to dry completely. Do not wash for 30 days.
  • Ready-to-use, out of the container slow drying acrylic paints.
  • For murals or ornamentation, can tint waterbased materials.
  • For tinting light colors in texture bases without changing product consistency.
  • The pigments used in the Dispersions are the same in the Slow Drying Fluid Acrylics.

Project Gallery

Gert-Jan Njisse

Gert-Jan Njisse is a master painter and teaches and utilizes the Slow Drying Fluid Acrylics as well as the Glazes on jobsites and in his workshops. Read Gert's comments on old school painting using modern materials here

Tim Glastetter

Tim Glastetter utilizes the Slow Drying Fluid Acrylics on his jobsites refinishing wood decor. Click here for an article about a technique that Tim Glastetter uses with Slow Drying Fluid Acrylics.

Pascal Amblard

Pascal Amblard was instrumental in helping develop the Slow Drying Fluid Acrylic and utilized these paints on projects featured in his beautiful book! Visit Pascal's website:

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