Mother of Pearl: Transparent Cracking Glaze


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Materials and Mixes

Paint Products:

Color Tinting Ratio:

  • Transparent Cracking Glaze 10:1 Metallic Medium, Pearl
  • Smooth Transparent Glazing Gel 1:1 CT Fluid Interference Green- Orange

Brushes and Tools:

  • Roller
  • Trowel

Painting Instructions:

Step 1:

Roll Cracking Size onto the wall. Allow to dry.

Step 2:

Blend Transparent Cracking Glaze with Metallic Medium, Pearl at the ratio of 10:1.

Trowel on in a herringbone pattern. Allow to dry and crack.

Step 3:

Trowel a mixture of CT Fluid Interference Green Orange blended 1:1 with Smooth Transparent Glazing Gel tightly over the crackled surface.

Finished Product

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