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Business Name

Great Walls Supply

4230 Barringer Drive

Charlotte , NC , 28217


Phone: 704-523-3402

Email: mikeplaster@att.net

What are your favorite products?

How do you use Proceed products? Why?

A couple of my customers asked me if I could make PROCEED’s Metallic Texture in red so I made one that I liked. When Dawn Whitley, owner of Dream Rooms, asked me to mix a couple of more reds for the Red Monkey Restaurant in Raleigh, NC, I said absolutely!

Mixing colors gives me lots of experience in how to brighten, darken or subdue a color. I used PROCEED Metallic Texture Gold as my base. I usually start with a small quantity to see if my color works before I make larger quantities.

To make larger quantities I used the PROCEED Recipe Calculator at www.proceedsystems.com. I entered in my quantities for the ¾ cup mix then hit the scale button. This allows you to scale the recipe to the exact amount you want. I scaled the recipe to 115 oz. and all the tints appeared with the correct amounts I needed to mix a PROCEED Gallon and a 5 Gallon quantity! I love this tool and use it almost every day when I am mixing colors.

Our customers now ask me to custom color match a SW or BM color and usually I can do it. I have been working on some wonderful blues! Now you can purchase small sample sizes and play with color yourself! Or call us and I can help you!

Contributions to Proceed-e-pedia

Lottie Banner and Micki Coles shared this technique with us called Fall Frost How to warm up your walls with Transparent Cracking Glaze

Here you will find an article about tinting reds with Micki Coles.

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