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Unique Uses

  • It is highly loaded with mica pigment creating a "metallic" look and can be troweled on to create textural effects.
  • Easy, light, smooth, creamy and fast to apply. Proceed Metallic Texture has been compared to a speed boat vs. the "barge-like" quality of other metallic plasters.
  • Easy to tint.
  • No Titanium White pigment is added to the Pearl Base. This means that deep, rich colors can be achieved when tinting.
  • Gold Base - Proceed® Gold Metallic Texture is intended as a tinting base for metallic textures when a warm undertone and reflection is desired.
  • Pearl Base - Proceed® Pearl Metallic Texture is a translucent acrylic metallic plaster tinting base, use for cooler tones with a pearl or silver flash.
  • Can be applied directly to sheetrock without primer and with good adhesion.
  • Can be diluted with 20% water and sprayed then knocked down.

Project Gallery

Click for Red Metallic Texture recipes!

Dawn Renner

Click to read how Dawn Renner utilizes Metallic Texture, a product that makes and saves "green"

Andre Martinez

Here is a room completed by Andre Martinez using Metallic Texture.

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